The following are project resources that we have made available.


How to Reference

DeLong, C., Erickson, K., Perrino, E., Shim, K., Pathak, N. (2009). Project HaloFit Data Repository [http://halofit.org/resources.php#datasets]. Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota, Department of Computer Science.


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Related Papers

Glickman, M. (1999). Parameter Estimation in Large Dynamic Paired Comparison Experiments.

Herbrich, R., Minka, T., Graepel, T. (2006). True SkillTM: A Bayesian Skill Rating System.

Dangauthier, P., Herbrich, R., Minka, T., Graepel, T. (2007). TrueSkill Through Time: Revisiting the History of Chess.

Coulom, R. (2008). Whole-History Rating: A Bayesian Rating System for Players of Time-Varying Strength.